Best Maker

Supported By: 
Department of State Development and Adelaide City Council

The best entry where makers, artists and crafters build machines and art that is driven by, reacts to and is inspired by data.


Eligibility Criteria

Must use South Australian data discoverable on


Team Name: 
Torange Juice

Greenu is an interactive poster series that enables people from all ages to learn about public gardens, in a fun and active way.

Bad Snakes

Cartoon image of a green snake with a forked red tongue looking left
Team Name: 
Bad Snakes

Board game for upper primary children to explore:

  • trends in reportable crime rates over time (snakes)
  • improvements in SASP targets (ladders) 

By playing the game, children (and their parents) can see that

Pom Pom Pie Charts

Team Name: 
Data Knitters

Data visualisation using data sets, Google Charts - Donut Pie Chart, balls of wool and origami.


Step 1 - Access Data

Step 2 - Filter and add to Google Sheets

Step 3 - Build Google Donut Pie Chart - Customise colour sto match yarn

Step 4 - Transpose information onto paper plate

Step 5 - Select yarn and make a Pom Pom

Step 6 - Create an informative oragami topper

Step 7 - Hang it up

Sweet Beginnings

Team Name: 
Just An Idea

Sweet Beginnings is inspired by a collection of photos taken by Captain Samuel Sweet in the late 1800's and digitally available online as a dataset.

Captain Sweet's photographs give a unique insight into colonial  Australia, telling stories of everyday life and recording images of the early buildings of Adelaide.

What Lives Here?

What Lives Here?
Team Name: 
GDF Makers

About the project

Have you ever been walking in your local park and wondered what’s actually living around you? Ever wondered why it sounds so quiet, no sign of native animals and birds? Well, the world, and Australia is rapidly urbanising, and with this often comes a loss of biodiversity as the environments and homes that native animals and birds share with humans are rapidly disappearing.