Sunshine Coast - Sustainability

Supported By: 
Sunshine Coast Council & Noosa Council

How might open data be used to achieve greater sustainability and/or better care and use of natural resources for benefit to the local community.


Eligibility Criteria

You must use at least one local datasets provided by Sunshine Coast Council, Noosa Council or Unity Water.

Future Proof

Team Name: 
The Coding Collective

Developer Story

As a team of software developers we understand that machines are replacing labour on both a physical level, and mental level. Automation and business needs to optimise for efficiency are putting people out of work, or significantly reducing the required hours to complete specific tasks. For our population to meet to the challenges presented by these changing employment conditions, we need our current workforce to be able to re-locate, re-skill, or re-educate; the other option - retire - is not available to the great majority of the populace.

Weather Balls

Weather Ball
Team Name: 
Weather Ball

The Weather Ball is an Internet connected light that alerts the user to upcoming weather conditions from the Bureau of Meteorology. The light can sit on a desk and alert the user by changing color, alternating color, and flashing. This makes it easy at a glance to see when weather conditions are changing.