Sunshine Coast - Community

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Sunshine Coast Council & Noosa Council

How might open data be used to benefit the disadvantaged and/or provide significant benefit to key local community groups?

Eligibility Criteria

You must use at least one local datasets provided by Sunshine Coast Council, Noosa Council or Unity Water.

Retirement with children

Team Name: 
Student crew

This project idea is an app, where pensioners could offer their free time for families looking for babysitting. That way the pensioners spend their time more actively, they can get some extra income and families can resolve their problem with children other way than by hiring a nanny or an au pair.

Community Companion

Team Name: 
Community Companion

The community companion device is for the elderly, the disabled and the infirmed.  It will make it easier to engage people and for them to not feel so isolated and lonely.  Elderly people feel disengaged, and this idea will help overcome these concerns, by delivering data technology to people who want to use it, but feel it is too hard.  It will use single-touch technology and voice output.  Android text-to-voice service will be used to speak the buttons as they are pressed.

Future Proof

Team Name: 
The Coding Collective

Developer Story

As a team of software developers we understand that machines are replacing labour on both a physical level, and mental level. Automation and business needs to optimise for efficiency are putting people out of work, or significantly reducing the required hours to complete specific tasks. For our population to meet to the challenges presented by these changing employment conditions, we need our current workforce to be able to re-locate, re-skill, or re-educate; the other option - retire - is not available to the great majority of the populace.


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 Part I : The first is a general tool to assist with doing inferential statisticl analysis

The idea is to make it trivial to combine data from multiple datasets. 
It is wonderful to see how much data has been made available at the local, state and federal level as part of the open data initiative, and the orginsation of them and existing visualisation tools are impressive. What is missing, however, is the ability to combine datasets. So the first part of this project addresses that gap. It is designed to be fun and engaging to use; making it a valuable educational tool.

The Good Old Life

The good old life
Team Name: 
Jam Berries


In Queensland, you are recognised as a senior citizen when you turn 60 and are entitlded to the pension when you enter your late 60s. However, at these moments in life seniors are not provided with useful information that would enable them to be actively involved in their community. Our hack provides a means for service providers and/or senior citizens to generate a printable brochure with relevant information about a local area.