Best of Logan - Youth

Supported By: 
Logan City Council

Best youth project developed at the GovHack Logan event.


Eligibility Criteria

Must be a participant at GovHack Logan and at least one team member under 18 years.

Don't crash

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Car crashes are not caused on their own. They are influenced by a number of factors which play an integral role in the severity of the crash.

For GovHack 2016 we have focused on Queensland crash data looking from the perspective of non-controllable aspects such as crashes triggered by animal hits. We have presented the information through a website which aims to inform the general public about areas which have had previous incidences with animals. 

Accident Tracker

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Kids Team

Accident tracker is a real time web app that allows you to access data on recent traffic incidents. The data is displayed on a map with a table for more details. Using this data you can improve transport infrastructure, this allows better use of road upgrades. The purpose of this project is to better connect queensland.