Showcase Whanganui

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Whanganui District Council

How can we use GIS data to showcase Whanganui’s unique heritage, facilities and events?

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See Whanganui GIS data and

My Life, My Council

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Is my council spending my money on the things I care about? How does my council's spending compare with other councils?

Finding the answers is difficult and time consuming. It requires interpretation and analysis of complex council reports (annual reports, long-term council community plans etc.) and data.

What happened?

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Psionic Monk

What happened? is a third person adventure game where the player wants to know what happened in the cities he's exploring. This is a game of discovery where each level has a distinct objective and is mapped to a city. The game starts from Whanganui and goes on to explore other cities while discovering interesting facts about each city. Primarily, the facts include death rates and crime stats. 

Project highlights;

* A playable prototype where the contours of the landscape are mapped to contours of Whanganui and ChristChurch.

City Livability NZ

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We wanted to have an answer to the question "I'm fed up with my awful commute and I'm never going to save enough for a deposit on a house.  What are my other options?"

Our project was inspired by team-mate Martin's NZ City-based Social Progress + Lifestyle index from 2014, which in turn was based on the international Global Social Progress index (GSPI).

NZ Heroes

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NZ Heroes

The monumental project is a web app to help people find out infomation about memorials in their area.

I would hopefully give the users to find out more infomation about the memorial and to explore the people listed on them to find out who they where.

So rather than a name they have a presence, making it possible to rember them as people by letting the users know things like there age and their service records, where they served and what medials or awards they recieved and who they where with.