Most promising Christchurch student

Supported By: 
University of Canterbury Centre for Entrepreneurship

There will be up to 2 UC Centre for Entrepreneurship Summer Scholarships on offer for any Christchurch tertiary student from University of Canterbury, Area or Lincoln University, participating in GovHack Christchurch. Each scholarship is worth $5,000 (tax free) and will be awarded to 2 most promising UC students who wish to continue their venture in a 10 week summer start-up programme.


Eligibility Criteria

Has to USE some open govt data. Ideas for where to look at


Team Name:

A simple, easy to use website, that registers a user's location and gives them flood alerts

SmartCity Dashboard

Team Name: 

SmartCity dashboard offers real-time monitoring of Chirstchurch's environment.

The dashboard will allow users to visualise trends and changes in the environment such as CO2 emmissions, light and sound pollution, temperature, preassure and humidity. These changes can be seen as a change in colour on a map of local Christchurch.

Currently data for the dashboard is sourced from four sensors in the central city, however the dashboard has the potential to expand as more sensors are distributed throughout Christchurch.

Smartcity Christchurch

Team Name: 

Aim: to design a simple but informative dashboard for Christchurch - the smartest city on earth!

We're looking to help inform Christchurch residents and council members about their city using datasets such as C02 levels, temperature, pressure, humidity, noise and luminosity. We are also including the functionality to help inform those Christchurch residents affected by the changing river levels about anything rising river related!

We are designing the page with the intention of adding more datasets in the future.