NZ Best Data Journalism

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Statistics NZ

This category is about using government data for data journalism. This could include data visualisation tools, infographic, interactive websites or applications, or anything else that explains, investigates or makes more understandable the often complex array of information in government.


Eligibility Criteria

One...has to USE some open govt data. Ideas for where to look at

Dr. Joey

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Korean Noodle Lounge

We see this project has the ability to give quick feedback to the councillors and the ability to align the future vision of the city based on the data.

Positivity Scale

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Pokemon No!

Gathering and understanding community sentiment towards ideas and topics is really complex. Currently most data is reported as yes or no. You're either for or against something. But the reality is that our opinions and answers to questions are far more complex than just a yes or no. ​​​​​​​

We have built a tool which is able to examine the actual words people are using. We can input data or conversations from almost any source, categorise it by topic or theme and then give it what we call a positivity score.


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A simple, easy to use website, that registers a user's location and gives them flood alerts