Best data hack involving environmental data

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Environment Canterbury

How can we show environmental data in a new light and help the citizen understand the state of the environment around them. How can data can help influence their community to make smarter decisions in planning.


Eligibility Criteria

Has to use at least one dataset from Canterbury Maps or, focussing on datasets across: · Air quality data · Rainfall data · Riverflow data · Well level data · Water quality data · Resource Consents


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Endangered wildlife is a huge problem for New Zealand. Our native animals and beautiful landscape is what makes this country so special. So special infact that our tourism industry contributes a whopping $24 billion dollars to our economy every year.

Information about our endangered species and how people can help is hard to find. We at Sandpit Ninjas are going to raise awareness with a fun interactive game. You can protect our wildlife at work, school or from the comfort of your own home.

Hatch an egg and get started today.


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A simple, easy to use website, that registers a user's location and gives them flood alerts

Discover-ABLE (AR App for assisting people with disabilities to discover and navigate better throughout the city)

Photo of Team Quad Hack members from left to right: Aaron, Jaya, Ronan and Louise
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Quad Hack

We believe that diversity and inclusion within any community adds strength; aiming to make sure that our quaken city of Christchurch is an accessible city for all, Discover-ABLE taps into that belief.

It is our sincere hope that we can use technology to bring awareness to the needs and difficulties of people with disabilities especially in the context of local government departments and local data-sets.

Wild Trails

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Wild Trails

2 bored friends are looking to do something.

This friend loves to hike and wants to see something of New Zealand.

Although each friend have done many hikes, they all want to find hidden trails that they haven't all done before.

They found from visiting the DOC site that the Wild Trails app can help them discover trails around their neighbourhood and around New Zealand.

They launch the app and discover trails closest to their current location, trails around New Zealand and also great walks, camp grounds, huts and regional parks.

Sol Search

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By deciphering solar intensity data from NIWA, we can help home owners assess the effectiveness of a solar installation on their roof, customised to their terrain and personal sunshine profile.