Best cognitive/analytics hack using IBM Bluemix

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Combining components of IBM Bluemix and Government data to create a cognitive or analytical hack


Eligibility Criteria

One...has to USE some open govt data. Ideas for where to look at

Dr. Joey

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Korean Noodle Lounge

We see this project has the ability to give quick feedback to the councillors and the ability to align the future vision of the city based on the data.

Positivity Scale

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Pokemon No!

Gathering and understanding community sentiment towards ideas and topics is really complex. Currently most data is reported as yes or no. You're either for or against something. But the reality is that our opinions and answers to questions are far more complex than just a yes or no. ​​​​​​​

We have built a tool which is able to examine the actual words people are using. We can input data or conversations from almost any source, categorise it by topic or theme and then give it what we call a positivity score.


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We’ve developed a website that displays NZ’s crime data from 2010 to 2014 to help give us a safer NZ. We have a map of NZ with areas with most crime occurrences in bright red, least in bright green and the rest around the middle. We also have a timeline that allows the user to change the year. This website aims to let the users see the areas in NZ that getting safer or more dangerous, and uses additional data to give reasons as to why an area is getting safer.


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Loo Crew

With New Zealand's growing population and increase in toursim, how will Councils identify where to invest in public loos?  This app will allow users to find, rate and request a loo across New Zealand.


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Two Cats And Some Mice

There is an empathy deficit in our world so we’ve built an empathy engine

We surround ourselves with people like us and click on the content we agree with.  We filter out facts and people that don’t fit with the way we see our world.  We create our own bubbles but is is here to pop these biubble, watch our click-bait and switch!