Best Christchurch Smart City Data Hack

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Christchurch City Council

How can we visualise the interaction between the built and natural environments of Christchurch, making the invisible visible. Christchurch City Council has been piloting a Smart City project recently capturing C02 levels, air temperature, luminosity, barometric pressure and noise from around the city and seeks to make it useful and engaging for citizens.


Eligibility Criteria

Has to use some open data and the environmental monitoring datasets from newly installed monitoring technology located

Positivity Scale

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Pokemon No!

Gathering and understanding community sentiment towards ideas and topics is really complex. Currently most data is reported as yes or no. You're either for or against something. But the reality is that our opinions and answers to questions are far more complex than just a yes or no. ​​​​​​​

We have built a tool which is able to examine the actual words people are using. We can input data or conversations from almost any source, categorise it by topic or theme and then give it what we call a positivity score.

SmartCity Dashboard

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SmartCity dashboard offers real-time monitoring of Chirstchurch's environment.

The dashboard will allow users to visualise trends and changes in the environment such as CO2 emmissions, light and sound pollution, temperature, preassure and humidity. These changes can be seen as a change in colour on a map of local Christchurch.

Currently data for the dashboard is sourced from four sensors in the central city, however the dashboard has the potential to expand as more sensors are distributed throughout Christchurch.

Discover-ABLE (AR App for assisting people with disabilities to discover and navigate better throughout the city)

Photo of Team Quad Hack members from left to right: Aaron, Jaya, Ronan and Louise
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Quad Hack

We believe that diversity and inclusion within any community adds strength; aiming to make sure that our quaken city of Christchurch is an accessible city for all, Discover-ABLE taps into that belief.

It is our sincere hope that we can use technology to bring awareness to the needs and difficulties of people with disabilities especially in the context of local government departments and local data-sets.

Sol Search

SolSearch - Front Screen Image
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By deciphering solar intensity data from NIWA, we can help home owners assess the effectiveness of a solar installation on their roof, customised to their terrain and personal sunshine profile.

Smartcity Christchurch

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Aim: to design a simple but informative dashboard for Christchurch - the smartest city on earth!

We're looking to help inform Christchurch residents and council members about their city using datasets such as C02 levels, temperature, pressure, humidity, noise and luminosity. We are also including the functionality to help inform those Christchurch residents affected by the changing river levels about anything rising river related!

We are designing the page with the intention of adding more datasets in the future.