Vibrant Sydney Night-time Economy

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Committee of Sydney

The best entry that support a vibrant and safe sydney night-time economy. The Liquor Amendment Act 2014(NSW) introduced in direct response to alcohol related violence (two deaths) around the Sydney CBD and Kings Cross. Consider the impact of these laws and help the city to be great. Entries in this category may consider safety, transport, night-time economy, impacts on new night time activity hotspots, impact of lock out laws, social and cultural contributions to metropolitan Sydney, positive drinking behaviours. Entries could also concider: evaluation of initiatives or new concepts that support a vibrant and safe sydney nightlife. If lock out laws have shifted nighttime activity to outside the lock out zone and the impact this has, allocation of grant funding to areas with high night time activity


Eligibility Criteria

Must use at least one of the below datasets (2010 to 2016) for whole of Greater Sydney)Bar openings (OLGC), Restaurants open in the evening (NSW Food Authority), Transport movements to and from areas (BTS public transport and opal usage; Uber), Attendance at cultural venues (Destination NSW, ArtsNSW), Attendance at sporting venues.

Do you know Australia?

Innovative agents of govhack
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Innovative Agents of GovHack


How do we measure perception against reality? 

Use the innovative agents of govhack minigame!

“Do you know Australia?” is a fun and engaging online mini-game platform where YOU can learn more about YOUR area, and WE can all learn about OUR perceptions.


We all carry cognitive biases that affect our perception of the world.


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Team AVataRR

generalised 3d visualisation tool

Flash me!

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We spend a lot of time waiting for things. From public transport, to waiting for family or firends, or even using the bathroom. 

Wouldn't it be great to have the opportunity to learn about things that you didnt even know that you wanted to learn about.

We wanted an app that could utlise these small bits of time, and gain something, just a little more. Learn about sciences? Animals, what have you.


Enter Flashme!

A flashcard inspired app that focues on short attention learning (be it a spare 5 minutes, 10 minutes). 

Sydney CBD Crime Analytics

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Orange is the New Hack

We like trolling through mounds of data to see the secrets behind. We are data nerds and "Orange is the New Hack" is our team.


Our tool aids local council and state authorities, as well as layperson to learn about the safest times and places to visit in Sydney city.

Users can easily explore this mashed up data in an interactive and visual way, and find powerful insights into the relationship between weather and crime patterns in the Sydney  CBD, and well as common hotspots for crime and the predominant type of offences that are occurring in our city.

Where are people like me !

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New migrants find it hard to find affordable housing for rent as migrants are not familiar with local areas sufficiently to make an informed decision as to where best to live depending on their circumstances. We recommend ideal suburbs for their rental needs based on Income, Expenses, Gender, Age, Profession and Marital Status by comparing  with existing data as a benchmark.