Helping Schools Respond to Disasters

Supported By: 
Centre for Education Statistics and Evaluation, NSW Department of Education

The Best Entry that supports schools to plan and respond to a physical disaster. Schools are responsible for the safety of their students and staff. When threatened with a physical disaster, such as a bushfire that may affect an entire neighbourhood , schools need to be able to become aware of the danger and act accordingly. This includes taking into account any special medical needs that students and staff may have at each of the affected schools. Coordinating with emergency services is a critical part of this situation. Parents and guardians need communication and teachers need support. Reuse data to find insights, develop tools or plan response initiatives that improve a school's ability to respond to a physical disaster.


Eligibility Criteria

Use datasets from CESE Datahub and/or the ones provided to GovHack. Good entries will mash up this data with datasets from other participating agencies, such as environment data about bushfire threat levels, transport or roads data.

Flash me!

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We spend a lot of time waiting for things. From public transport, to waiting for family or firends, or even using the bathroom. 

Wouldn't it be great to have the opportunity to learn about things that you didnt even know that you wanted to learn about.

We wanted an app that could utlise these small bits of time, and gain something, just a little more. Learn about sciences? Animals, what have you.


Enter Flashme!

A flashcard inspired app that focues on short attention learning (be it a spare 5 minutes, 10 minutes). 


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AAYA is an innovative platform which aims to reduce a parent's stress and costs related to childcare. It allows a parent to select a Childcare using information that matters to them and help a parent reduce costs by getting some form of refund  for their child's inability to attend a child care for various reasons. AAYA transform the inability into a vacancy which others can use and pay for.  This creates value for all involved including the economy where the concept increases the income of the stakeholders and creates effeciency in the sector.


Perfect Catch

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Hooked On Enabling

Perfect Catch is a complete fishing experience solution using various gov datasets.


Team Elephant
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There are 100,000 homeless australians. Getting back on your feet once in that position is extremely difficult. Unsung gives Australians without income the tools to be able to provide for themselves and not rely on charity or the government. This is done through a guide to using the gig economy and with a list of free wifi locations that are ranked by the utilities near the location e.g. health services, bathrooms, free food etc. We pulled in this information from open government data sources. 


Due to the server issues we weren't able to add all of the datasets used