City of Parramatta Civic Hack

Supported By: 
City of Parramatta Council

The best concept that empowers people to get to know and participate in their local community.


Eligibility Criteria

Must use at least one dataset that includes data relating to Parramatta.

Streamlined Service Requests

Team Name: 
Team Dead Dog

The Service Request Data set has 50,000 service requests and where they originated from. We have the following aims:-

  1. Making the data discoverable / visualizable
  2. Machine learning to show a proof of concept automatic triaging.


Lets renew the renewable energy!

Team Name: 

In this brief project we have highlighted some key insights for local government and agencies to make Parramatta a better place to live work and play. We have highlighted the fact that promotion and fostering of renewable energy at local level will help Parramatta to be a cool and prosperous city.