Best NSW Higher Education Team Entry

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Best entry submitted by a higher education team


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75% of Team members must be a higher education student. Higher education includes Tafe and University

Tolls BoardGame

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Tolls Board Game:

The Tolls Board Game is a virtual board game poking light hearted jabs and educating people about the poor state of sydney roads.

We are using the Transport NSW Roads realtime dataset to take travel time on popular sydney roads, using this to calculate cost incurred when another player lands on a player owned road.

We believe this creates a dynamic boardgame experience where skill and knowledge comes first and luck second.

Opinion Matters

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Opinion Matters measures how "out of touch" the government is with the general public. It analyses the media and public response to government press releases through sentiment analysis. By doing this, we provide accountability and transparency to government behaviour.


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The Pentagon 5

Edugate Responsive Website:

Edugate is all about identifying the vector of skill-gaps in the market with emerging students into the workforce, to help choose suitability of courses undertaken, TAFE classes chosen in the last years of high school and degrees applied for. This is to amplify student's chances entering the workforce with qualifications that employers are requiring, helping bridge the gap and minimise the chances of unemployment.