Acceleration Award

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Coder Factory

For the team who coded the wishes to move their solutions forward, the prize is intended to help them in their journey

Eligibility Criteria

Must want to develop the solution within the following 6 months and allow CoderFactory to assist in acceleration process

Tolls BoardGame

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Tolls Board Game:

The Tolls Board Game is a virtual board game poking light hearted jabs and educating people about the poor state of sydney roads.

We are using the Transport NSW Roads realtime dataset to take travel time on popular sydney roads, using this to calculate cost incurred when another player lands on a player owned road.

We believe this creates a dynamic boardgame experience where skill and knowledge comes first and luck second.

Predictive Policing

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In the 2012 film Minority Report, it shows a world where crimes are predicted before they occurred. This became the basis for our project for predictive policing with the intention of assisting police in fighting crime.

We utilised Coordinate level data for non-domestic assaults and robberies occurring in Sydney LGA in outdoor and public places to teach our predictive algorithm to learn from the historical data and to forecasts for the future.