Location data

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The most innovative hack of location data


Eligibility Criteria

Dependencies – Use of PSMA’s datasets: GNAF, Administrative Boundaries and/or Geoscape

Get Parked

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Get parked is an informative, easy to use interface that connects everyday individuals to the amazing experiences and getaways right in their backyard. Country Victoria has a vast number of parks and sites open to public use, however there is no easy way to find information on these sites and hence can be intimidating for those that are not bush savvy, to plan a bush/outdoor weekend outing.

Search Party

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GovHack Search Party


What is Search Party?

Search Party is a mobile application that co-ordinates the public in searching for missing persons. GPS tracking is utilized for individuals currently searching for missing persons to generate a 'heat map', which draws attention to areas that have not been recently searched. This app hopes to improve the detection of missing persons by improving the efficiency of volunteers using the app. 

How does it work?


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Over the course of the hack, we went through several different ideas, and all of those ideas went through several iterations and evolutions of their own. Being very new to not only Xcode and iOS development, but also Swift as a language. We were cautious to avoid ideas and iterations that seemed too farfetched or vulnerable to feature creep. Eventually we settled on smart roads.

Highway to the Dangerzone

Team Name: 
Four Planners and a Panda


Highway to the Danger zone is an interactive planning tool intended to help policy makers with identifying future trends for population, employment and travel demand growth and planning future development. In particularly the tool utilises Geelong City Council planning population forecasts and compares sub-region employment with labour force. Furthermore, public transport accessibility is shown for each small area. 

Helping Hand

Team Name: 
Teamy McTeamface

Crowdfunding and crowdsourcing are proving to be great ways to utilize the economy of scale to affect change – be that local, state or federal government, charity organisations or the lives of individuals. Everybody can make a change for good, but some don’t know how. This is where Helping Hand comes in; utilising the idea of crowdsourcing, data analytics and big data visualisation to understand what charities, causes and community challenges need assistance and where volunteering resources can be best spent.