Location data

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The most innovative hack of location data


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Dependencies – Use of PSMA’s datasets: GNAF, Administrative Boundaries and/or Geoscape

Do you know Australia?

Innovative agents of govhack
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Innovative Agents of GovHack


How do we measure perception against reality? 

Use the innovative agents of govhack minigame!

“Do you know Australia?” is a fun and engaging online mini-game platform where YOU can learn more about YOUR area, and WE can all learn about OUR perceptions.


We all carry cognitive biases that affect our perception of the world.

Rest Stop Finder

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A mobile application that allows a user to choose two WA towns and view the rest stops and distances between them. Intended to allow drivers undertaking large journeys to better plan their trip in order to minimise fatigue and improve road safety.

Data used comes from the Road Stopping Place (MRWA-513) dataset, and uses the GPS locations of the rest stops in addition to pre-chosen routes between the cities in order to generate a line-based visual representation of the distance between two chosen locations, and how the rest stops are spaced over that journey.


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The goal of this project is to build a tailored map designed specifically for the NSW transit network. The idea is to remove the clutter from standard maps and add emphasis on things that a customer on a public transit network journey would be most interested in.

Unfortuantly I wasn't able to get this project in a good enough state for the deadline, but I'm keen to continue to develop the concept post-govhack.


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Team AVataRR

generalised 3d visualisation tool