Entrepreneurial Hack

Supported By: 
IP Australia & IBM

The project that has most potential as a startup or business. The hack would need to describe on the project page and video pitch how the team considers it entrepreneurial and how they have reused data. For instance how it could be commercialised, how it solves a market need, is the ideas scalable to bigger markets and how there might be a business to build around the idea.


Eligibility Criteria

Must use at least two Official GovHack Datasets. Open Government data must be used. Open Government data must be used.


Touri Ai
Team Name: 
Touri AI

Touri is the next generation in tourist and local exploration technology. By combining government data sets and an extensive array of API's, Touri becomes a powerful tool for the adventurous and curious population.

Touri is for every user, no matter if you are a walker, runner, cyclist or motorist your experience with her is tailored to you.

Touri is available on any platform ranging from your desktop to your mobile phone, whenever you need it.

GO Explore CBR

Go Explore CBR Logo
Team Name: 
Shard Development

GO explore CBR is a web application designed to assist Canberrans and tourists in finding new and exciting places around their city to catch Pokemon from the hit new game, Pokemon GO. This project was created by Jaxon Kneipp and Damian Camilleri for GovHack 2016 and is currently live here.

A Century of Intellectual Property

Team Name: 
SH and the MGs

This project concentrates on interpreting and visualising IP Australia's rich data holdings to provide value to the agency and the public. 

Navigating the IP Australia systems may be daunting for applicants with limited to no experience with IP registration. We aimed to provide an intuitive tool which enables patent and trademark applicants in their choices, especially regarding choices around self-filing versus engaging an attorney.

Beat The Press

Beat the Press Logo: GovHack 2016 Creation by Team "When Badgers Go Bad" in Hobart
Team Name: 
When Badgers Go Bad

Beat the Press is a frenetic action game that challenges players to match news headlines, science data, descriptions of artwork, and other data descriptions to their corresponding images.

Players take control of colourful news broadcasters and their rocket-powered news desks, competing against each other to collect images from the level and throw them onto the correct headline or description in the news ticker. Various datasets are used, pairing descriptions and names to images.