Best Youth Hacker Team

Supported By: 
ACT Government

For the best project from a team consisting of only ACT secondary school students.


Eligibility Criteria

Team must only consist of secondary school students who attend a school in the ACT.


Census Night 09 August
Team Name: 

CensusMe is a web-app that is designed to help people understand where they lay within some of catagories of the census. 


Team Name: 

AverageAussie is a web application that allows users to compare characteristics of themselves to the Australian populus' average.

It uses custom JQuerey prompts that are a lot more user friendly than reguolar JavaScript Prompy in many ways


Team Name: 

Over the course of the hack, we went through several different ideas, and all of those ideas went through several iterations and evolutions of their own. Being very new to not only Xcode and iOS development, but also Swift as a language. We were cautious to avoid ideas and iterations that seemed too farfetched or vulnerable to feature creep. Eventually we settled on smart roads.


Team Name: 

Parkachu is an iOS app that utilises the Pokémon GO API, as well as using the SmartParking and Canberra Bus Stops datasets to allow users to play safely while still having fun. They can see any Pokémon that are located near the parking lots and bus stops, as well as any vacant parking spots in each lot. The Pokéstops and Gyms are also displayed.