Best Use of ACT Government Smart Parking Data

Supported By: 
ACT Government

For the project which exhibits the best use of the ACT Government Smart Parking data.


Eligibility Criteria

Must use the ACT Government Smart Parking data. Available at

Health Hack

Team Name: 
Health Hack

Our aim is to use the Smart Parking data to encourage people to park further away and walk to their destinations rather than waiting around for a closer park.

Note:  for the demo you have to be logged into a google account.  Chrome works best.


Team Name: 

Parkachu is an iOS app that utilises the Pokémon GO API, as well as using the SmartParking and Canberra Bus Stops datasets to allow users to play safely while still having fun. They can see any Pokémon that are located near the parking lots and bus stops, as well as any vacant parking spots in each lot. The Pokéstops and Gyms are also displayed.

Farrago Parking

Team Name: 
Make Hack Void

Our project makes use of the ACT governments parking data to releate seamingly unrelatred events. It will bring a bit of Farrago chaos to the order of parking.

Smart Parking Enhancements

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This project features two proof of concepts for enhancing the ACT Government Smart Parking data to improve access to local businesses. The first is an enhancement of Google business search results which considers parking availability near a business. The second is a widget that businesses can add to their websites to show current parking availability.