Best in ACT

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For the project which best uses ACT data sets.


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Must use some ACT Government data sets from

Flood Watch

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On Earth

We are On Earth.

We want to help family, government, organisation and individual to plan for flooding emergencies, better prepared to reduce the damage of flood and save lives. We built a real time flood warning app, that puts relevant and easy to understand information into the hand of the user. Our Flood Watch app shows the real time flood warning on a map overlay, that individuals can timely assess danger and responses to flooding disaster.

Tour de Chance

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Tour de Chance

Take a Chance and Explore the Unexpected!
There's more to do in Canberra than you ever imagined...

Can't think of anything to do today or bored with your same old destinations? Have you ever been surprised and delighted by an unexpected discovery? Not sure what hidden treasures might be hidden around town that you would never even think to go looking for?

Then "Tour de Chance" is for you!


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The 'SizzleRig' project involves analysis of bushfire data from national, state and territory governments. With machine learning tools we have developed a system for rating the threat of bushfire for any location in Australia that includes historical and real-time data from CSIRO's Sentinel HotSpots satellite programme and our beloved ACT Fire Feed.


Picture of yellow warning triangle with bicycle and exclamation mark inside.
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We are using the ACT cyclist crash data (from 2012). We have developed an iOS app that you strap to your handlebar, and it will evaluate the risk of the area in which the cyclist is riding. It will also show the primary cause of the crashes to help the rider avoid accidents.