Best in ACT

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For the project which best uses ACT data sets.


Eligibility Criteria

Must use some ACT Government data sets from

Farrago Parking

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Make Hack Void

Our project makes use of the ACT governments parking data to releate seamingly unrelatred events. It will bring a bit of Farrago chaos to the order of parking.


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We built a web app that plots local points of interest on a map. Users can go in, choose a start point and given the opportunity to select the particular points they have an interest in. After selecting a couple of markers and data sets, the app generates a route and calculates the distance for you to walk or run between them all. It’s kind of like a treasure hunt for Canberra’s cultural gems.

Smart Parking Enhancements

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This project features two proof of concepts for enhancing the ACT Government Smart Parking data to improve access to local businesses. The first is an enhancement of Google business search results which considers parking availability near a business. The second is a widget that businesses can add to their websites to show current parking availability.

Staying the course

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Staying the course is a visual analysis of data provided by the Department of Education about attrition data rates from 2005-2013.

This was created using Tableau Public and Powtoon.

Using this visual analysis, higher education providers can pinpoint areas of focus when considering entry requirements for students. Risk areas of study should reconsider entry requirements or support services to ensure that risky characteristics are reduced or mitigated.