How can we reduce the incidence of dog attacks? / How can we ensure that New Zealanders are excellent dog owners?

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Department of Internal Affairs Te Tari Taiwhenua

 This is related to the upcoming public consultation on Reducing dog attacks

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The project aims to raise the awareness on knowing different species of dog and under what circumstances they are more likely to attack. It evaluates the risk of getting attacked by a specific dog given personal information and provides suggestion on preventing future incidences.


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A google gear watch app that buzzes the user when they are near an area or location known to have a dangerous dog. Just pop it on the wrist.

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Save the Alpacas


A web application that works on all devices/form factors that solves the problem of 

1)  owners losing their dogs and notifying the public to look out for it in their area. 

2)  the public finding a roaming dog and being able to notify the owner first so they avoid the $160 impound fine for the owner

3)  and the local council worker getting dog details efficently along with dog history (plus if a dangerous dog designation!)


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An informative website that provides a visualization of dog attacks per council and menacing dogs per council in New Zealand. This gives information to the people about dog attacks and where they are happening so they can influence the council to do something about dog attacks. This information can also help councils compare the occurrence of dog attacks in their area with that of other councils and review their dog control policies.