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A google gear watch app that buzzes the user when they are near an area or location known to have a dangerous dog. Just pop it on the wrist.


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Loo Crew

With New Zealand's growing population and increase in toursim, how will Councils identify where to invest in public loos?  This app will allow users to find, rate and request a loo across New Zealand.


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Two Cats And Some Mice

There is an empathy deficit in our world so we’ve built an empathy engine

We surround ourselves with people like us and click on the content we agree with.  We filter out facts and people that don’t fit with the way we see our world.  We create our own bubbles but Bubble.kiwi is is here to pop these biubble, watch our click-bait and switch!

My Life, My Council

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Is my council spending my money on the things I care about? How does my council's spending compare with other councils?

Finding the answers is difficult and time consuming. It requires interpretation and analysis of complex council reports (annual reports, long-term council community plans etc.) and data.