Going Out Today?

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Team Name: 
RAD Witches

The aim of this project is to provide an app that will allow people to plan a day outside. 

This app will provide people with the following information:

Weather (including advice for what to wear / need of umbrella, UV index etc)
Location of parks and walking trails
Location of public toilets

Some data will be sourced from existing databases, while others will be crowdsourced. For some data we may use a combination of both methods. 

Manage Garbage

Team Name: 

Manage Garbage is a web application that allow user's to find their next bin collection date and their nearest waste management facility.

The idea behind this application is to have one universal place where all Australian users can find their bin collection days based on address or a user location.

When a location is selected, the following information is retrieved 


Ballarat Hackerspace
Team Name: 
bHack Gamma

Factr is designed to provide amusing, but also surprisingly insightful statements by combining huge amounts of disparate location data. We've combined 13 local government data sets as a starting point for this, but have also developed a tool that allows us to rapidly add additional datasets (of different structures) without requiring lengthy manual processing. 


Team Name: 
Smitty Bacall and the Bacall Gang

BallaratGO is a AR game that encourages discovery over distances within Ballarat.

The further you go, the higher the reward.

Hopefully with our killer algorithms we'll be able to take you somewhere no one usually goes.


hand holding mobile phone, showing path with street lights.  Background is a street at night time
Team Name: 

SmartPath - take a walk on the smart side with SmartPath, the smarter way to get from A to B

Project Description:​​​​​​​

To create an app for the people of Geelong that encourages them to walk more often by specifically finding walking paths that eliminate factors that are barriers to making the decision to walk.

Data story

Coffee Is Life

Ctrl + Alt + Defeat
Team Name: 

Coffee is Life: Melbourne & Tourism… and Zombies

Explore Melbourne with our exciting and engaging game which provides a walking tour of the landmarks, public art and city heritage sites, while simultaneously dealing with a zombie infestation.

The game allows users to learn fun facts about key sites of interests. But look out – zombies are on the loose. Use your perfectly crafted barista coffee to defend against the zombie invasion – successful attacks against the horde warps the zombie out of Melbourne – to land in our arch rival, Sydney.


Team Name: 

The coolest way to travel by improving connectivity between green areas to allow people to travel along shadier streets on hot days.

Informed Personas

Team Name: 
the Informed Personas

Informed Personas
A persona generator for UX developers using open government datasets to make them informed.

  • Problem: Generating Personas for UX Dev work is hard and often subjective/biased.
  • Solution: Generating Personas for UV Dev's using informed data.
  • Opportunity: Generating Personas for UX Dev's is now easier, objective/unbiased and informed.