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Safety czars

How safe are you & your family? 
How can you protect the people & things you love? helps you to understand the risk factors in your area, and helps to prepare you for how to make you and your family safer. It to make communities more resilient against these increasing everyday risks of flood, crime and road safety concerns. It educates them about their risk factors in an easy, accessible and visual way, assesses some of the safety measures they have in place, and provides recommendations on how to improve these safety measures.

Cute Commies

Photo of men talking on street corner
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Department of Digital Fabulists

This project has its origins in a talk given by Tim Sherratt to the Department of Digital Fabulists in late 2015. In talking about digitised archives and access to humanities data, Dr Sherratt shared work he had done harvesting images and documents from publicly available ASIO files held in the National Archives of Australia. We were immediately intrigued and keen to work with this dataset. GovHack 2016 presented the perfect opportunity.


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We know that Melbourne is the most amazing place to live (despite what everyone else thinks). But how can we use government data to prove this amazingness to our visitors?

What if, rather than consulting the tourist maps, visitors could learn about Melbourne through a fun quiz game to gain points as they explore features of interest around our city?

Melbourne is a interactive city, so we don't want to just show visitors the historic attractions - we want to share the recent news about what's been going on near them so that they know where all the interesting stuff is.

Deconstructed coffee and Design - Melbourne Hipster Index

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A walk in the park

The creative and cultural sector contributes $22.7 billion to Victoria’s economy and employs over 220,000 people. Beyond their dollar contributions, the creative industries espouse identity, foster innovation and encourage social cohesion. Melbourne stands as the heart of Victoria’s creative sectors, and the city benefits greatly from the scale and depth of our creative industries, reflected in our consistently topping international liveability indices.

Little Steps

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This project will develop a prototype, responsive and visually simple website that can help newly arrived migrants, refugees and asylum seekers navigate the complexities of settlement in Australia and connect to communities.

Endless Bureaucracy

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Endless Bureaucracy

To find out more about Endless Bureaucracy, watch the pitch video at: Pitch Video - Endless Bureaucracy​​​​​​​

Endless Bureaucracy is an Endless Sky mod. go to

To install Endless Bureaucracy on Windows, go to and download, extract it, then run EndlessSky.exe.

Campsites Tonight

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War Tapir

Campsites Tonight is a convenient tool that allows Campers of Victoria a quick and easy way to find and book available campsites near them. 

Using the geo location of the user Campsites Tonight pulls the data of Vic Parks Campsites to find Available Campsites and sort them by distance. 

The booking portal is an easy 3 step process that provides an at-a-glance over view of the features of the Campsite, payment processing and booking confirmation. 


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Encounter and photograph our amazing wildlife! Explore and learn about our country! All while contributing to open data, getting exercise and having fun!


We live in a beautiful country; rich with wildlife, parks and landmarks. Unfortunately, very few of us are aware of what can be found around us. This year for Govhack 2016, team YAMM have been working on something that we believe will give people a way to truly connect with their surroundings.