De-Identify Your Data Inc

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Makin' Bacon Flapjacks

What is "de-identification"? To the average person, it may not be something they're all too familiar with. However, the process of removing or obscuring identifying information from large sets of data, or 'de-identification', is an extremely important process for those who have to perform it. For those in reporting, analysis or publishing roles, de-identification can be a time-consuming and complex task, as there is no simple-to-use universal tool available that allows users to de-identify their data. 

QLD Fire Warden

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Our goal is to create a valuable community solution to streamline reliable communications between the multiple stakeholders in the rural fire fighting services.  We will do this by streamlining the permit applications, data collection, communications and approval process.

John Conner

The Toowoomba Trio is a like a group of cuddly racoons
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Toowoomba trio

The John Conner project was initiated by the Toowoomba Trio to tackle a major and growing problem faced by Qld vegetable growers. This challenge is Identifying and responding to heat stress in their crops.   High temperatures can cause considerable stress to crops, reducing yields and the quality of the produce grown.  However, if the stress is identified early enough remedial action can be taken to minimise the damage and save the crop.   The John Conner project provides a timely warning system for farmers when a heat stress event has likely occurred.

Birth Choices

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Maternity Consumer Network

An app to enable parents informed choice in their place of birth. Parents log their postcode, and an infographic to display hospital data in their local area around normal birth rate, cesarean section rate, length of hospital stay, continuity of midwifery care, waterbirth, epidural, visiting access for private midwives in order to compare and contrast and match their needs and desires for birth with the supporting facility. This will ensure greater choices, understanding and satisfaction around place of birth and ensure more accountability in the care and services facilities provide.