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Merging together data involving transport and Australian Flora and Fauna to create a fun and interactive experience which improves appreciation for Australia's native wildlife and brings communities together.


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About HidingWally:

HidingWally application  gets the input from user like 'Name' ,'Phone' ,'MailId','Address'. After getting the input , it tries to search  from the existing sets of records and display the matching record in a grid . User is asked to enter the new value that he wants to update for the existing record .After the user provides the updated value and click on update button the record gets fully updated .The idea is to provide an easy way for the user to amend the existing user data withot affecting other records.

AusPoll - Prototype

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In July 2016, Australian leaders expressed a strong interest in introducing electronic voting for future elections.

And we are here to announce that the future of election is here.

Introducing AusPoll…


AusPoll consists of 3 different apps to be installed on separate tablets and used by different users.

    NameRoll: designed for election volunteers to ease the enrollment process

    Ballotronic: designed for electors to minimise informal votes and making election a more friendly experience