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Pipe Dream

The platform we built is called The Growth Spot. It is a data visualisation tool used to show how a particular industry is growing or shrinking in a given region of Australia, using several available metrics from the innovation data set. This is a platform technology that will one day have the ability to accrue data as it is added to the database using automated data mining technology. We would also like to implement a regression analysis system to provide predictive information regarding the performance of an industry of interest.

Yes we park

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Parking in the city is a growing problem as population increased since the amount of parking remain close to constraint.

when a car driver looks for parking in the city, it causes unnecessary traffic in the city. the driver has to drive round and until a parking spot is incosiderate drive round and round until a parking spot is found. an inconsiderate driver would wait and block the follow traffic.

the longer the driver take to find spot, the more unnecessary pollution is released.



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The Lighthouse Project

The Lighthouse Project merges information about crime, demographics, weather, land zoning and street illumination to provide a map of the safe and unsafe areas within a suburb.

The Lighthouse Project will provide information for city councils, police officers, city planners and policy makers to address solutions to specific problems.

The aim of this project is to make the city smarter, enhance local businesses activities and support a vibrant and safe Sydney night-time economy.

Mapping Innovation - from Local to Global in Time and Space

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Gov, Sweat and Tears


The printing press, the pencil, the flush toilet, the battery--these are all great ideas. But where do they come from? What kind of environment breeds them? What sparks the flash of brilliance? How do we generate the breakthrough technologies that push forward our lives, our society, our culture?

                                                                                                                                  - Steven Johnson, Where Good Ideas Come From

Hazard Communication

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Knowledge Island

The project is a Hazard Communication and Alert system aimed at improving communication and response
in the event of emergency events involving schools, childcare centres, universities 
and other educational organisations.