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Hawks-i is a “Disaster Management Solution” for the people of NSW.

At a high-level, Hawks-i comprises of a Processing Centre that fetches threat data from a range of publicly available sources (government, private, news media, social media and parent groups). It aggregates and analyses data real-time, quantifying the threat.
An operator monitors a dashboard that gives a high level view of the impacted area. An easy to use app exists for the Operator, Parents and School Staff. ​​​​​​​


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By this stage, everyone knows the game that has swept the nation - with everyone aiming to “catch em all”. Utilising both real world locations and augmented reality, there are more members of the public out and about than ever before, traveling across NSW looking for rare Pokemon.


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Our mission is to create a mobile app which gamifies the process of learning how to drive.

Users will be motivated to practise driving, while getting feedback on their progress and what they can improve in their driving technique.

This makes for an easier and more pleasant learning experience.


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The goal of our product is to connect people with the type of suburbs that they want to live. When you think about your neighbourhood, there’s probably a lot that you love about it. Maybe it’s the time it takes you to get to work, the types of shops in the area or how easy it is to catch public transport. While current property services only account for suburb and pricing searches, HOME extends this to find areas to live that meet all of your requirements.