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Sydney Tolls

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Toll Trolls

Multi player, turn based game.

Survive the mental strain of Sydney traffic. Build your private road toll empire. Don't lose your sh*t or your job.


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Have fun exploring the beauty and splendour of the Aussie natural world, learn some interesting facts, and perhaps compete with your friends while you're at it! It's a fascinating, mobile view of the Atlas of Living Australia, centred around your location.

The Purple Rain Index

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Purple Rain

Project Description

The Purple Rain Index turns individuals into insurance advocates by educating them about flood risk, through this process they learn about the risk for their close friends and family and can easily share this data.

Speaking to IAG a common problem they have is communicating the importance of risk before it happens. So we thought, what if we could turn individuals into a salesmen for their personal friends and family, that way the information is coming from trusted source rather directly from IAG.

How it works


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Augmented reality is used to display government resources surrounding the user.  It will tell the user the street name, suburb name, buildings name, shops, toilets, wifi, bus stops, train stations, schools, universities, parks, disable access, medical centres, police.  It can also display statistics about the area via census data.  Provision to allow the user to place feedback on information is allowed to see the perception of the people through time.