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Following the recent increase in support for nationalist and far right parties in the recent Federal election - I wanted to look at Australian communities that, through the election, have shown the most concern about immigration.

I chose to focus on the immigration of Muslim people specifically, as this a current social issue that is challenging Australia's multicultural status.



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AAYA is an innovative platform which aims to reduce a parent's stress and costs related to childcare. It allows a parent to select a Childcare using information that matters to them and help a parent reduce costs by getting some form of refund  for their child's inability to attend a child care for various reasons. AAYA transform the inability into a vacancy which others can use and pay for.  This creates value for all involved including the economy where the concept increases the income of the stakeholders and creates effeciency in the sector.


Creature Wise

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The Atlas of Living Australia is a great resource for finding out more about living things in Australia. It is also an important resource for crowd sourced recording of wildlife sightings.  Unfortunately, many people do not know about Atalas let alone that they can contribute to it.