Sydney Official

GeoScience Digger

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Digger like game based on the geology of Australia.
The game will generate an underground map based on your current location, the player will learn about the soil he is standing on by playing the game. 

Opinion Matters

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Opinion Matters measures how "out of touch" the government is with the general public. It analyses the media and public response to government press releases through sentiment analysis. By doing this, we provide accountability and transparency to government behaviour.

Sydney CBD Crime Analytics

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Orange is the New Hack

We like trolling through mounds of data to see the secrets behind. We are data nerds and "Orange is the New Hack" is our team.


Our tool aids local council and state authorities, as well as layperson to learn about the safest times and places to visit in Sydney city.

Users can easily explore this mashed up data in an interactive and visual way, and find powerful insights into the relationship between weather and crime patterns in the Sydney  CBD, and well as common hotspots for crime and the predominant type of offences that are occurring in our city.