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Nearest Emergency Room

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Eliot Redelman

So you’re a dev, and you just googled.  “where is my nearest emergency room”  and guess what, there is no easy answer.  What if there was a real emergency?  How would you get to the emergency room?  Let’s pretend that we don’t want to just call an ambulance.  You are new to the area, don’t have your insurance paid up to date, it’s not that bad and you think you can walk there, but don’t know what the fastest route is.  Whatever.  The problem is right there.

Let’s not wait till an emergency to need that tool.  Let’s make it here.  Today.

Tolls BoardGame

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Tolls Board Game:

The Tolls Board Game is a virtual board game poking light hearted jabs and educating people about the poor state of sydney roads.

We are using the Transport NSW Roads realtime dataset to take travel time on popular sydney roads, using this to calculate cost incurred when another player lands on a player owned road.

We believe this creates a dynamic boardgame experience where skill and knowledge comes first and luck second.