South Australia


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Problem Statement​​​​​​​

Australia’s population aged 75 or more is expected to rise by 4 million by 2060, increasing from about 6.4 to 14.4 per cent, according to a 2012 population projection report generated by the Australian Bureau of Statistics.  

Pom Pom Pie Charts

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Data Knitters

Data visualisation using data sets, Google Charts - Donut Pie Chart, balls of wool and origami.


Step 1 - Access Data

Step 2 - Filter and add to Google Sheets

Step 3 - Build Google Donut Pie Chart - Customise colour sto match yarn

Step 4 - Transpose information onto paper plate

Step 5 - Select yarn and make a Pom Pom

Step 6 - Create an informative oragami topper

Step 7 - Hang it up


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ActiveSA is an app that aims to be a one stop shop for helping people to connect with local sport in South Australia.

Finding Forgotten Fauna

Finding Forgotten Fauna in Australia
Team Name: 
Boys From the Bush


Early accounts in old newspaper articles, diaries and books include an amazing diversity of references to many species of wildlife on mainland Australia that are now either threatened or extinct. In South Australia, this "Forgotten Fauna" includes species like dingoes, quolls, pademelons, phascogales, bettongs and bandicoots.

Geo Spot

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Dunn Street Films


Titled Geo Spot, the application we have proposed is technologically innovative - using a wide variety of local, and state datasets to create an accurate digital map of Australian society. Using this map, we aim to allow people - young and old - to find facilities, create events, and socialise with friends. As a result, Geo Spot is both socially and practically accessible, and can often be found bringing together friends, family, and peers.


A 2 Green

Boomtown Hacks
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Boomtown Hacks

Team Boomtown Hacks is a ad-hoc team made up of some friends from around Adelaide. The team constsis of 4 people:

Jordan King - Developer and a smooth video voice.

Sam Trezise - Graphic Designer, held the ship together.

Haydn Dyer - The UI guy, the only one who has used Angular before...

James Mackay - The data guru, actually spend hours working out the parking data!!

The Application


Team Name: 
The Walking Hackers

In Adelaide, the government is providing free WiFi for everyone, especially in the CBD area. The Adelaide city council claims that it is the largest and most performing City WiFi network in Australia and is on par with the best in the world in terms of coverage and services offering. Although, the government claims that it is the best public wifi network, we intend to analyze the speed, the number of users and the usage patterns in order to make it even better. Through our project we will try to find the usage patterns and provide suggestions on optimization of the access point locations.

Sweet Beginnings

Team Name: 
Just An Idea

Sweet Beginnings is inspired by a collection of photos taken by Captain Samuel Sweet in the late 1800's and digitally available online as a dataset.

Captain Sweet's photographs give a unique insight into colonial  Australia, telling stories of everyday life and recording images of the early buildings of Adelaide.