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You walk around a place and you have all the stories about the place where you are. The Goals : To enjoy and discover the place where you are To make a community with the same values and feelings about a place. Where come from the datas : - Open Datas : - Archive's NZ - NewsPapers - EveryOne Can create a story about a place (Textual, sound, video, Pictures, ...) How to interact with the application : - Voice - Movement Learning Program :

Dog Found

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Save the Alpacas


A web application that works on all devices/form factors that solves the problem of 

1)  owners losing their dogs and notifying the public to look out for it in their area. 

2)  the public finding a roaming dog and being able to notify the owner first so they avoid the $160 impound fine for the owner

3)  and the local council worker getting dog details efficently along with dog history (plus if a dangerous dog designation!)


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Using local Queenstown walking/cycling track data to provide a solution for:

a) A mechanism for users of the track to know about availability or issues on the track

b) A feedback mechanism for users to inform the council of problems on the track or environment problems

c) A mechanism for the council to prioritise and schedule reported problems, updating the track status

d) A social media feed for up-to-the-minute status updates from other track users