City Quest

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An interactive game that rewards players for visting art, historical landmarks, walking trails and differnent flora and funa rich areas in Brisbane/parks. Players have the ability to follow three distinct quest stories related to art, history and libraries. Players level up by visiting the different locations. Once a player has completed a quest they achieve the hightest level. Players can complete multiple quest to achieve cross skill status. This games draws on the publically available art and landmark datasets.

Birth Choices

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Maternity Consumer Network

An app to enable parents informed choice in their place of birth. Parents log their postcode, and an infographic to display hospital data in their local area around normal birth rate, cesarean section rate, length of hospital stay, continuity of midwifery care, waterbirth, epidural, visiting access for private midwives in order to compare and contrast and match their needs and desires for birth with the supporting facility. This will ensure greater choices, understanding and satisfaction around place of birth and ensure more accountability in the care and services facilities provide.