Scan, process, share, recreate

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We propose an enrichment of existing databases with the addition of 3 dimensional virtual representations of the physical objects.
3D scanned meshes allow interested parties to glean an accurate representation of a public asset's size, structure, surface and shape.
The addition of textures also allows for accurate representation of an objects colour projected onto the 3D mesh.


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Cylindrical Books

When we first heard about Brisbane City Council’s 2031 Vision for an accessible and connected city we knew this was the challenge we wanted to help solve. All of us at Cylindrical Books live within the inner city region and we knew that this vision is what we wanted to see happen in our city.

Brisbane is an active and vibrant community that is growing every day. We want to share it. We want to make sure that no matter your fitness level, age, or background you are able to take in all that the city has to offer.

What's Up Brisbane

Make Brisbane Great Again
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Make Brisbane Great Again

What's Up Brisbane aims to address the confusing representation of brisbane events in an easy to use format. By accessing live (with a small delay as it is done by a scheduled job) multiple RSS feeds from Brisbane City Council, an interactive map based format shows a user where events are near them on a specific date. Further work that may not be completed over the weekend included using historical weather and traffic data to estimate future conditions and further filter the suggested events (i.e.

Check Your Uglies

Check Your Uglies.  Cancer Screening Saves Lives!
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Check your Uglies

Check Your Uglies

It's July 31, 2016.  So far this year, 250 women have died from Cervical Cancer and 1500 Men have died from Prostate Cancer.  More than 21000 new cases will be diagnosed by the end of the year.

QLD Fire Warden

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Our goal is to create a valuable community solution to streamline reliable communications between the multiple stakeholders in the rural fire fighting services.  We will do this by streamlining the permit applications, data collection, communications and approval process.


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The web application namely Miria was developed to give employment information based on the location provided by the user. The employment  information throughout Australia is used to help the user determine if a location is suitable to their needs.

The parameters for the web app includes: current location, future location, industry and age. These parameters are processed by the web app to produce information based on the scenario and given input.


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Bush Hackers

Threat.end is a gamified flora and fauna education and citizen science mobile first web app. 

Threat.end app sources data from, the National threatened animals and ecological species datasets, the Queensland Wildlife database/API, and the Atlas of Living Australia.

John Conner

The Toowoomba Trio is a like a group of cuddly racoons
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Toowoomba trio

The John Conner project was initiated by the Toowoomba Trio to tackle a major and growing problem faced by Qld vegetable growers. This challenge is Identifying and responding to heat stress in their crops.   High temperatures can cause considerable stress to crops, reducing yields and the quality of the produce grown.  However, if the stress is identified early enough remedial action can be taken to minimise the damage and save the crop.   The John Conner project provides a timely warning system for farmers when a heat stress event has likely occurred.

Breathe Easy

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Each year, 1600 Australians die from exposure to air pollution. The life expectancy of Australians is diminished by an average 69 days on account of air pollution. Australia has the highest prevalence of Asthma in the world, with 1 in 10 people suffering from the chronic condition.