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Studio39 Griffith University Start-up Entrepreneurs Club
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Power Team s39

Power Team has implemented over 20 data sets to provide an all-in-one dynamic app that can be used for any event, tourism agency or local council. The initial concept was based on providing an interactive age-friendly application that is simple enough for any person to use for the Commonwealth Games. This includes transport options and real-time delays data, event locations with geo-pins that provide brief information on events taking place, such as: times and sport being played. ​​​​​​​


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The Quick Bus Boys

While Journey Planning apps and services are well established within the Brisbane bus transit ecosystem, one very common use case is neglected by current systems. QuickBus aims to allow users who are on their regular commute - who know their bus route and travel from a regular stop - to instantly and easily find out where their bus is.

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Do that later

Our project focuses on education though visualising government collected data. Our goals are to generate an interface where people can learn about Australia's people, and view information about particular demographics. we also aim to use a neural network to predict the distributions of taxable income for future generations. Because of this; we believe our project is valuable to both education in schools, and identifying the inequalities of Australian people so that these issues can be addressed.

Industrial Water Complex

Screen shot of the visualisation tools
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Team GR

This project will use data from the National Pollutant Inventory to explore industrial water usage from 2000-2015. This project provides discovery and interrogation tools to show where water has been used, what it was used for, and query breakdowns of what consumed by industry type or substance treated.

The Good Old Life

The good old life
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Jam Berries


In Queensland, you are recognised as a senior citizen when you turn 60 and are entitlded to the pension when you enter your late 60s. However, at these moments in life seniors are not provided with useful information that would enable them to be actively involved in their community. Our hack provides a means for service providers and/or senior citizens to generate a printable brochure with relevant information about a local area.



De-Identify Your Data Inc

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Makin' Bacon Flapjacks

What is "de-identification"? To the average person, it may not be something they're all too familiar with. However, the process of removing or obscuring identifying information from large sets of data, or 'de-identification', is an extremely important process for those who have to perform it. For those in reporting, analysis or publishing roles, de-identification can be a time-consuming and complex task, as there is no simple-to-use universal tool available that allows users to de-identify their data. 

Crikey!: Helping your community

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Crikey is a disaster relief app designed to allow community members to connect to their neighbors in upcoming extreme conditions. Additionally the current warnings, including all relevant information about possible obstacles that may affect their evacuation plan. Based off these predictions users can decide to request help to prepare for destructive weather. Alternatively users can offer their help by preparing the community for evacuation or damage mitigation.


Weather Balls

Weather Ball
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Weather Ball

The Weather Ball is an Internet connected light that alerts the user to upcoming weather conditions from the Bureau of Meteorology. The light can sit on a desk and alert the user by changing color, alternating color, and flashing. This makes it easy at a glance to see when weather conditions are changing.


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Picspot is an app developed by the Dataminers, and it has the form of a challenging sightseeing picture contest. Challenges are proposed to the users that, once accepted, will be given just the distance from the landmark that will be the subject of the challenge, without any hint on the route to follow in order to reach it.