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The “GetThere” Concept


GetThere is a mobile application to help members of local communities and people new to the area locate services and facilities. It is the answer to show points of interest including bus stops, community services, activities, parks, community groups, and hospitals, with audible and visual directions to the selected locations using maps and directions to public access points.



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Data Anonymisation AA S​​​​​​​ervice

Web platform to upload and transform a data set for anonymity.  The user:

1) Uploads their data set

2) Chooses the functions which are applied to this, suppression or generalization

3) Checks the K-Score (to see minimum number of occurrences for unique rows) and downloads the file.  

Able to automatically recognize data types and provide pre-built functions on each data type to suppress/generalize.  

Unveil The Scene

Unveil the scene logo
Team Name: 
Hacky McHackFace

"Unveil the scene" is a web portal that showcases the Australian innovation industry, as well as  the government bodies, private investors and general public who are supporting and growing this diverse industry. In addition to raising public awareness about the extensive work happening in the innovation space, the web portal also aims to promote connections between innovators and their supporters. The start-up and innovation industry of Australia is incredibly important to our future prosperity.

Clean My City

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- Idea is to tag the waste and area affected by pollution.

- Officials can get real time information and work on it.

- Information given to the user and central team on the staus garbage being picked up and transfer to its location.

- Color coding to the areas which are still affected or need work.

Smart Moves Logan

Make smart moves, explore opportunities and invest wisely.
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Logan Mates

Are you ready to move? What do you know about the place where you want to live and/or invest? Make SMART MOVE by using this tool to explore what's in the area and what could be coming in the near future.

Residence - Find out demographics, essential services and facilities.

Commercial - Fill the gap in the market bringing your business where it's needed.

Government - Know the landscape to improve facilities and services for the community and business.

Air Adventure!!!

Air Adventure Logo
Team Name: 
Futuristic Blanket





This is a web application created by team Futuristic Blanket. The application uses the dataset “Air Quality Monitoring 2015”. The intention is to inform users of specific pollutant concentration in different parts of Queensland and to create awareness about how these pollutants are being introduced into the atmosphere and how human activities are contributing to this.


Life Explorer

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Life Explorer is a mobile-based application that offers a platform for residents and travellers to discover events held within Brisbane.

Users are prompted to select an adjective that best describes the day they would like to have. This then generates a list of events that are correlated with that adjective in the eyes of those who previously attended them. The application also enables storytelling about events, allowing event-seekers to understand (and later experience) the city of Brisbane from a new set of eyes.

Vectoring Brisbane

Team Name: 
Crafty Hackers


For this project we were interested in seeing what we could create using geographical data from the Australian Bureau of Statistics.

We started with the local government areas for Queensland, looking at how we could use the shapes of the various districts to create a puzzle of our state.  We then ‘zoomed in’ to make a pendant of the Brisbane City Council area (river included!)

Using a different dataset, we also made a puzzle of the different postcode groups within the greater Brisbane area.


Other tools that were used:


Mother Nature

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If someone doesn't complain, it's easy for us to ignore them. Sometimes we do more. We abuse and take advantage -- particularly if it means we profit, or it's for our own convenience.

If our earth was a human being standing next to us, what would it look like? Would we react and change our behavior, or just turn away ...again?​​​​​​​

Mother Nature is a humanoid art form that exhibits the state of the environment.