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Top Kek

Qschools is an interactive mobile and web application that delivers a rich source of information to people seeking it.  It uses a material design styled theme to help convey the data.  An innovative and unique feature is the NLP (Natural Language Processing) search engine.  It allows users to run natural language queries such as "What is a school near the Brisbane City that excels in reading?".  This removes the need for complicated and convoluted search boxes and menus.

Fresh Plans

Fresh Plans
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‘I had a question about a development in my street. Even though I found the answer, it took me a very long time. I wondered if there was a better way.’
Elizabeth Gray


The Problem
Increasing population requires development and everyone needs to benefit from it. Development is not without risks and pain. Residents need to know how developments will affect them and governments and planners need to understand the community’s needs.

Don't crash

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Car crashes are not caused on their own. They are influenced by a number of factors which play an integral role in the severity of the crash.

For GovHack 2016 we have focused on Queensland crash data looking from the perspective of non-controllable aspects such as crashes triggered by animal hits. We have presented the information through a website which aims to inform the general public about areas which have had previous incidences with animals. 

The Outdoor Experience

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The Outdoor Experience Hackaroos

The Outdoor Experience provides community groups, families and individuals an app based front end to plan their outdoor experience, provide dynamic and relevant content and to report findings in a simple, user-friendly, age-friendly manner. 

Next Bus

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Would you use a chainsaw to carve a turkey? Do you go bowling with a bazooka? Are you reading this text in binary? If so, you are probably satisfied with the official Translink app.

Our new tool, ProbablyPivoting, brings you only the most relevant live public transport data, when you want it! The goal of ProbablyPivoting is to provide only the most relevant data in the most minimal user interface. There is no user input required.

It's the right tool for the job.


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Da Washing Machine


Black Hat hackers using mash-ups and sophisticated algorithms are already using online social data to reconstruct accurate personal profiles and commit identity theft. The newly available Government data should not contribute to this activity. 

Securing data on the web is a global problem; our submission is to suggest processes that address some of the bigger challenges, in an effort to ensure such that unauthorized personal data cannot be accessed. 


Our Project Name is Privé


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Creating a one centralised interactive web interface where all QLD Government topographical maps can be viewed, accessed and downloaded.

Explore the Great Barrier Reef

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About Explore the Great Barrier Reef

The Great Barrier Reef is the largest living ecosystem on Earth comprised of 2,900 unique reefs and 600 continental islands with 1,625 species of fish – 10% of the world’s fish species. Explore the Great Barrier Reef is an interactive education tool to better understand the scale and diversity of this natural wonder.

Explore the Reef

Learn the scale of the Great Barrier Reef by navigating through the 2,300km-long ecosystem, thousands of reefs, and hundreds of islands.

Dive In

Accident Tracker

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Kids Team

Accident tracker is a real time web app that allows you to access data on recent traffic incidents. The data is displayed on a map with a table for more details. Using this data you can improve transport infrastructure, this allows better use of road upgrades. The purpose of this project is to better connect queensland.


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Commonly we are in favour of tackling the root problem instead of easing symptoms. However, this is what transport is doing for decades. The view has shifted from building more and more infrastructure to using existing infrastructure more efficiently, but it is generally accepted that demand is growing and that it needs to be accomodated. But is this true? Engineers aim to learn from nature and incorporate natural phenomena in projects and one of these phenomena is the natural pulse of a city, area, or region. Travel demand is not a root cause, but simply the result of the need to travel.