It must be Ferries! ...or maybe midgets

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A major priority of my hackerspace (HSBNE, also the Brisbane Maker Node for Govhack this year) is to make our facilities available to anyone who is interested in creating cool things. Unfortunately, our location is in the centre of an old industrial area (at the beginning of a multi-year urban renewal process) which is not yet well served by public transport, which is a major impediment to many people who rely on that and want to take advantage of our facilities.

Ocean Fence

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Geofence for use when traversing the ocean, specifically the Great Barrier Reef. This is to help researchers, recreational fisherman and tourists to navigate legally around the reef.

Search Party

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GovHack Search Party


What is Search Party?

Search Party is a mobile application that co-ordinates the public in searching for missing persons. GPS tracking is utilized for individuals currently searching for missing persons to generate a 'heat map', which draws attention to areas that have not been recently searched. This app hopes to improve the detection of missing persons by improving the efficiency of volunteers using the app. 

How does it work?

Community Companion

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Community Companion

The community companion device is for the elderly, the disabled and the infirmed.  It will make it easier to engage people and for them to not feel so isolated and lonely.  Elderly people feel disengaged, and this idea will help overcome these concerns, by delivering data technology to people who want to use it, but feel it is too hard.  It will use single-touch technology and voice output.  Android text-to-voice service will be used to speak the buttons as they are pressed.


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InnovationX is a place to discover the different types of innovation that is happening around us. People are able to see where startup ecosystems are growing; what kind of problems people are solving and the different technologies they are working with; identify gaps and opportunities of the areas, skillsets and technologies that are needed.

InnovationX is 'Connecting Innovation'.

Our goals

Community At Risk Assistance & Response (CARAR)

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To combine a range of data sets relating to areas most at risk during a range of natural disasters (flooding, fire, etc), with demographic data on those most at risk within those areas such as the elderly and those with disabilities.

The aim is also to be able to link at risk members of the community with other individuals in their area who may be able to provide assistance/services in the event of an emergency situation.

Snap Ranger

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Empower Rangers

Why not provide extra help to our rangers?

The SNAP RANGER app aims to engage the local community with the Gold Coast wildlife.


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Picco Picco

Unlike chasing augmented beings in an alternate universe PiccoHunt chases real animals, birds and plants. Players can form teams and compete while at the same time assisting in the collection of more data to help better manage our natural environment

Time Walks

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Time Walks is a mobile first application making a trip down memory lane easy, enjoyable and interactive. Time Walks couples the accessibility provided by mobile phones and the power of Google Maps and knowledge of local cultural landmarks and conveniences from QLD Cultural and Heritage register, as well as Trove National Library of Australia.

There is living history all around us. Our rich cultural, social, and economic heritage can be found down our streets, in our parks and public spaces, in buildings, art and monuments.