Streamlined Service Requests

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Team Dead Dog

The Service Request Data set has 50,000 service requests and where they originated from. We have the following aims:-

  1. Making the data discoverable / visualizable
  2. Machine learning to show a proof of concept automatic triaging.


Lets renew the renewable energy!

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In this brief project we have highlighted some key insights for local government and agencies to make Parramatta a better place to live work and play. We have highlighted the fact that promotion and fostering of renewable energy at local level will help Parramatta to be a cool and prosperous city.

Health Epidemiology

Team Name: 
##Health Hackers


This project is about analysing the mortality rate caused due to cancer and drawing parallels with the probable reasons beyond medical reasons.

Though mortality rate is decreasing over the years in Australia, two types of cancers are following a reverse trend. They are 1. Lung Cancer 2. Pancreatic cancer.

Most of the sufferers of these cancers are identified to be heavy smokers. But is smoking tobacco alone is driving this issues...?