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Care About

Care About
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Do you know what decisions politicians in local and central government are making that will impact you? How do you contribute to this decision making process?


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"Drive Community Engagement and Hope in Visualizing the FUTURE."

The purpose of our project is to drive community engagement and hope in visualising the future by way of an app that incorporates augmented reality to enable an individual to visualise the structure or object before it is physically built. The idea is the marriage of a technology and the rebuilt of the Christchurch after the earthquakes. Our data is taken from Christchurch City Council, Christchuch 3D models and The identity of Christchurch.

Kiwi Playgrounds App

Kiwi Playgrounds
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An app that enables parents to quickly find playgrounds close to where they are or further afield on the basis of playground equipment, other key features and app user provided-ratings.


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* DriveSafe provides live driving alerts & averts accidents

* DriveSafe: carefree driving with expert alerts


DriveSafe guides based on driving location, route, experience, road and weather conditions.

The DriveSafe mobile app can help prevent potential accidents by providing live driving alerts, and guiding the driver with the most relevant driving rules based on driving location, route, experience, road and weather conditions.

My Great New Zealand

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Thinking about moving? Where to next? 
People considering moving to or within New Zealand often ask the question 'Where to next?'

The problem?
There's a lot of information but it's in a lot of different places. It's overwhelming, it’s time consuming to research and it’s often difficult to get a clear picture of our wonderful regions.  We want people to understand they can choose from more than just Auckland’s hectic urban lifestyle.


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Find a place where you belong Project Goals Make it insanely easy to find affordable housing using key criteria. Allow users to evaluate the nearby community surrounding the available housing unit. Provide users with a simpler, interactive and customised search experience. Introduction FindYourPlace is an easy to use search engine that connects Kiwis with locations across the country that match their desired lifestyle. City or Country? Beach or Mountains? Drive or Bus commute?


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When hunting for a house, finding out about a neighbourhood often relies on word-of-mouth and local knowledge that is hard to access or simply inaccurate.

We’re solving this problem by augmenting online property listings with hyper-local data that gives you critical information at a glance, saving time and letting you make a more informed decision.

NZ Heroes

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NZ Heroes

The monumental project is a web app to help people find out infomation about memorials in their area.

I would hopefully give the users to find out more infomation about the memorial and to explore the people listed on them to find out who they where.

So rather than a name they have a presence, making it possible to rember them as people by letting the users know things like there age and their service records, where they served and what medials or awards they recieved and who they where with.


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The Motley Few

What happens when you're in the middle of town and a tsunami is coming?

How did I travel today? Drive? Walk? Ride my bike?

How do I know where to go and how to get there? What is my fastest route?


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Last one standing

The Personalized Trip Planner (PTP), a web application – makes your travel personalized, interesting, enjoyable, and productive. PTP ensures you are able to complete your planned tasks in time while enjoying your travel as it is managed completely by the application leaving you at ease with no stress of managing your travel routes and travel time. With your profile settings, you can define your needs, preferences, and get suggested dog routes, driving, walking, biking routes, public toilets, picnic tables as per your profile preferences.