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Crafting Wellington

Wellington in Minecraft: Crafting Wellington with MineWelly
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Inspired by the topological Minecraft data released by the Wellington Council we explored how features can be crowd sourced and represented in Minecraft  - we also looked at how data such as real-time weather could be used dynamically within Minecraft, and a variety of open data that can shape a 'real-world' Minecraft build

Check Your Privilege

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ASB StartMeUp



Inequality in New Zealand is growing but awareness is not.

Blindness to privilege creates ignorance. But awareness creates change. 

Our website allows you to #checkyourprivilege and educates you on what you can do to make a difference.

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Hello World <--- Visit our website

We believe that New Zealand can do better in relation to the refugee crisis. New migrants continue to change the face of NZ. We look to our neighbours Australia and utilise data available to compare our differences in our attitudes towards the issue.


Bicycle Bicycle

Bicycle Bicycle
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Smart Team Best Team

Only 1% of the trips people make in New Zealand are done using a bicycle. Hamilton City Council have done a great job making Hamilton Bike-Enabled with the cycleways they have installed. Now we want to help people to find good routes to ride on, by giving them a safe way get to work or school, or a circular path to explore their neighbourhood while getting some exercise.

We created an interactive journey planner using OpenStreetMap and the NZTA Crash Analysis System to allow people to make safer travel decisions and enable more people to feel confident riding their bike.

Water ya doing

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Waste not

To create An interactive website that feels like an app. this website will promote recycling. The message will push the idea of recycling 

both how to recycle waste and water. This will use Game like elements to push its message out. 

We used data sets we found in the govhack and info from other sources. it would have been great if there was more open data that was more recent about recycling in wanganui regeion to make this app work better.


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Korean Noodle House

​​​​​​​Project Description 

  • Problem Statement: Christchurch has challenges with local flooding, particularly in residential areas, and CCC seeks to engage and enable citizens to make more informed decisions in regards to changing river levels in flood prone areas.


Earthquake Response Visualizer (ERV)

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Masters of Disaster

How does CCC prioritise which buildings to assess after an earthquake based on the likelihood of damage and liquefaction occurring?

Supporting the Christchurch rebuild and more accurate and useful ways to identify damage across city assets and buildings quickly and easily.​​​​​​​

Sensor-Based Earthquake Response System for Council Building Inspections

Introducing: ERV - The Earthquake Response Visualizer

ED Check In

ED check-in
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Using the emergency department visitation dataset provided by CDHB we were able to confirm that the demographic making the highest number of unnecesary visits to the Christchurch emergency department were the 15-34 year olds. There are an estimated 15,000 visits per year which could be dealt with by Primary Health Care providers. CDHB confirmed that the average cost of a vist to the ED is $400 per person.  Hence there is the potential to save an estimated $6 million dollars per year. Additionally doctors have told us that patients seen in ED are far more likely to have more tests done on them.

Cost savings aside, there is increasing pressure on the ED and it's ability to keep on serving a population which is growing. Providing extra ED resource is a very expensive process. The answer is to move people to Primary Health Care providers.

We believe that young people presenting in ED can be routed to Primary Health Care providers through the use of a mobile app. We have come up with a simple and enjoyable user experience that arranges for patients to be simply and easily transferred to other providers,

In addition the mobile app works with patients to ensure that they are registered with a GP. This ensures that the CDHB receives the appropriate amount of funding for the local population from government.



Open Road

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Team Angus

We are going for the traffic prize and have created an application that provides you with dirrections which route around closed roads and inform your of roadworks and other protential issues with your route.

Living in a city that slowly recovering after major earthquake it is important to have ability to build your directions routes and see information about closed roads. For emergency responding services like firefighters or ambulance it is critically important to be aware of the closed routes when they on the way.

Job lock

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The Houseketeers

New immigrants and young worker families often struggle to get established in a New Zealand community. They may have skills that the country needs, but they cluster in large centres like Auckland where they arrived, were trained, or have cultural links. They would love to move to a place with job opportunities and a more affordable cost of living, particularly house rents and prices. 

Our project provides a quick visual comparison of where businesses are located around New Zealand, as filtered by skill set, and which areas are more affordable to live.