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Using local Queenstown walking/cycling track data to provide a solution for:

a) A mechanism for users of the track to know about availability or issues on the track

b) A feedback mechanism for users to inform the council of problems on the track or environment problems

c) A mechanism for the council to prioritise and schedule reported problems, updating the track status

d) A social media feed for up-to-the-minute status updates from other track users


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An informative website that provides a visualization of dog attacks per council and menacing dogs per council in New Zealand. This gives information to the people about dog attacks and where they are happening so they can influence the council to do something about dog attacks. This information can also help councils compare the occurrence of dog attacks in their area with that of other councils and review their dog control policies.

Smartcity Christchurch

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Aim: to design a simple but informative dashboard for Christchurch - the smartest city on earth!

We're looking to help inform Christchurch residents and council members about their city using datasets such as C02 levels, temperature, pressure, humidity, noise and luminosity. We are also including the functionality to help inform those Christchurch residents affected by the changing river levels about anything rising river related!

We are designing the page with the intention of adding more datasets in the future. 

Vida Loca

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Vida Loca

Connecting people to places by challenging misconceptions.

With VidaLoca we’ve built a tool that enables you to find a place to live that matches to your values while also taking into account affordability, letting you live la vida loca (the crazy life).

Our hope is that this tool connects you to places that closely match what you value in a community, place, or life style that you might not otherwise have considered.

How do I do it?

1) Weigh a broad range of desirability data such as:

  o   education outcomes,

  o   access transport facilities


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Team Pegasus

Q+A app for young men needing support for mental health. 


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We stand for Hamilton's independence from New Zealand. We stand for Hamilton's freedom. We stand for Hamilton's exit.

For the longest time, the City of the Future has been held back by the rest of New Zealand. That time is over. The future is Hexit.

City Livability NZ

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We wanted to have an answer to the question "I'm fed up with my awful commute and I'm never going to save enough for a deposit on a house.  What are my other options?"

Our project was inspired by team-mate Martin's NZ City-based Social Progress + Lifestyle index from 2014, which in turn was based on the international Global Social Progress index (GSPI).


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July 30, 2016

Overview1.    Project Background and Description

The national cycle trail network consists of a series of outstanding trails spread across Aotearoa. The Great Rides are the premier rides on the New Zealand Cycle Trail. They are predominantly off-road trails that showcase the very best of New Zealand’s landscape, environment, culture and heritage.


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To help people determine whether a rental property is safe and affordable so that they can make better rental decisions. Shambles will help fill the gap between renters and the real information about the property they are renting.

People (target market):

We are currently focusing on ‘Students in Wellington' and comparing Wellington data with Christchurch.

The reasons we have selected students as our (first) target market are: