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A google gear watch app that buzzes the user when they are near an area or location known to have a dangerous dog. Just pop it on the wrist.

Discover-ABLE (AR App for assisting people with disabilities to discover and navigate better throughout the city)

Photo of Team Quad Hack members from left to right: Aaron, Jaya, Ronan and Louise
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Quad Hack

We believe that diversity and inclusion within any community adds strength; aiming to make sure that our quaken city of Christchurch is an accessible city for all, Discover-ABLE taps into that belief.

It is our sincere hope that we can use technology to bring awareness to the needs and difficulties of people with disabilities especially in the context of local government departments and local data-sets.

Heap Map

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Virtual Heap

Project Decription:  Using virtual reality, we are projecting data into what we call "The Heap Map."  This is a visual and interactive virtual world in which statistical data is shown falling down and collecting into heaps onto a map of NZ.  Targeting intermediate and secondary school children, this will create a fun and engaging way to interact with statistical information.  We gathered data primarily from Statistics New Zealand, such as population and internet accessibility.

Wild Trails

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Wild Trails

2 bored friends are looking to do something.

This friend loves to hike and wants to see something of New Zealand.

Although each friend have done many hikes, they all want to find hidden trails that they haven't all done before.

They found from visiting the DOC site that the Wild Trails app can help them discover trails around their neighbourhood and around New Zealand.

They launch the app and discover trails closest to their current location, trails around New Zealand and also great walks, camp grounds, huts and regional parks.


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You walk around a place and you have all the stories about the place where you are. The Goals : To enjoy and discover the place where you are To make a community with the same values and feelings about a place. Where come from the datas : - Open Datas : - Archive's NZ - NewsPapers - EveryOne Can create a story about a place (Textual, sound, video, Pictures, ...) How to interact with the application : - Voice - Movement Learning Program :


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Team Rinco

LiveIn - By Team Rinco (Fu Cheng, Sheng Tian, Xiaojun Dai)

In 2015, we have 59,700 people from all over the world moved to New Zealand, and the number is increasing every year. Most of the immigrants have the same question before they come to New Zealand: where should I go.

Dog Found

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Save the Alpacas


A web application that works on all devices/form factors that solves the problem of 

1)  owners losing their dogs and notifying the public to look out for it in their area. 

2)  the public finding a roaming dog and being able to notify the owner first so they avoid the $160 impound fine for the owner

3)  and the local council worker getting dog details efficently along with dog history (plus if a dangerous dog designation!)