Mount Gambier

Our Story ~ Your Story

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3 Step Bug

Our Story - Your Story is an interactive choose-your-own-adventure style story coded in html, designed to provide information about a person's local community and bring about a greater understanding of the persons and services within it. It is designed to be a central hub of information presenting data in a relatable and accessible manner, building a sense of community while also opening up discussion and providing information about a variety of social issues and local/online services depending on how the story unfolds.

Huffless 'n' Puffless

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The creation of an app that will privilage asthmatics with the information of air quality and dust particles to benifit their quality of living.

On this app we will live-time air qualities from air quality sites from around the district.


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ActiveSA is an app that aims to be a one stop shop for helping people to connect with local sport in South Australia.

Finding Forgotten Fauna

Finding Forgotten Fauna in Australia
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Boys From the Bush


Early accounts in old newspaper articles, diaries and books include an amazing diversity of references to many species of wildlife on mainland Australia that are now either threatened or extinct. In South Australia, this "Forgotten Fauna" includes species like dingoes, quolls, pademelons, phascogales, bettongs and bandicoots.

Sweet Beginnings

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Just An Idea

Sweet Beginnings is inspired by a collection of photos taken by Captain Samuel Sweet in the late 1800's and digitally available online as a dataset.

Captain Sweet's photographs give a unique insight into colonial  Australia, telling stories of everyday life and recording images of the early buildings of Adelaide.