Coffee Is Life

Ctrl + Alt + Defeat
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Coffee is Life: Melbourne & Tourism… and Zombies

Explore Melbourne with our exciting and engaging game which provides a walking tour of the landmarks, public art and city heritage sites, while simultaneously dealing with a zombie infestation.

The game allows users to learn fun facts about key sites of interests. But look out – zombies are on the loose. Use your perfectly crafted barista coffee to defend against the zombie invasion – successful attacks against the horde warps the zombie out of Melbourne – to land in our arch rival, Sydney.

Direct Me

Melbourne Traffic
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Data Piñatas

Fastest isn’t necessarily the best.

Let us guide you to your destination via the route the best suits your needs.

Tell us what your biggest concerns are for your next journey and let us crunch through Crime Statistics, a variety of Crash Data, Road User data, Weather Forecast, etc to direct you through Melbourne.

Travel safely – Travel calmly - Travel comfortably.

Wilsons Prom Go

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Using the data from the hackathon, including all the cool locations, and mulitmedia, we make a game where you need to visit each location, and take a photo of it. That way you capture a location.

We have the basics working, but there is a lot more we could do to this app, but we ran out of time. We could publish the users photos, we could have a league table.

Portrait Landscape

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Portrait Landscape is a machine vision portrait explorer for the National Portrait Gallery in Australia. Thousands of portraits are displayed on a single page and can be sorted and filtered using different categories. Clicking on a portrait shows users more information about the artwork, as well as related news articles sourced with the ABC News API.

Portrait Landscape is built on a Python/Apache/PHP backend for image feature preprocessing, with a HTML5/JavaScript/WebGL frontend.


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Safety is a major concern for all drivers on Victorian roads. Accidents often occurs when people are distracted, not paying attention to the road or where conditions make it hard to do so.


Introducing our iPhone app Promixity. Proximity uses traffic and other sources of historic data to warn users when they approach areas that are high risk. Using data sets such as accident occurrences and bridge information from Vicroads, we are able to warn users before they reach accident hotspots as well as warn truck drivers in advance before approaching bridges that are too low.