Team Name: 
Team Truthbot


Truthbot is the world's first artifically intelligent automated fact checking robot. It scans Politician's twitter feeds looking for dicey facts or previously debunked statements, and automatically corrects the record by tweeting the relevant explainer article back.​​​​​​​

It uses data sourced from the ABC's FactCheck Unit, as well as from Newscorp and the Conversation. It uses deep learning to spot relevant tweets and the articles that relate to them.​​​​​​​

Parks Finder

Team Name: 
Team Red

Parks Finder is an app to make Victorian Parks more accessible to Victorians. It uses map data from Parks Vic, transport data from PTV, and Google's Machine Vision API.



Park Finder lists walking trails throughout Victoria. It uses the PTV transport API to fetch nearest buses to the trails. It uses the Google Machine Vision API to detect landmarks and fauna in photos users upload while on the trail. The data includes certain fauna found on the trail (eg seals, bandicoots, etc).


As a bit of gamification, the app awards points based on:

Wilderness Buddy

Team Name: 
A Walk in the Park

Introducing Wilderness Buddy - an app to help tourists in Victoria get the best out of the many national parks and wildlife preserves that Victoria has to offer. Wilderness Buddy allows you to customize itinerary to only include what you pick, whether it’d be to spot the Aussie wildlife or to take that amazing profile photo on Facebook. It also puts you in touch with a local who can give you a guide at a competitive cost.

Lettuce be friends

Team Name: 
StairCasey to heaven

This project will use land use datasets to identify small pockets of land in urban areas that can be used in food production, helping us to feed a growing population and strengthening our local communities.

Going Out Today?

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Team Name: 
RAD Witches

The aim of this project is to provide an app that will allow people to plan a day outside. 

This app will provide people with the following information:

Weather (including advice for what to wear / need of umbrella, UV index etc)
Location of parks and walking trails
Location of public toilets

Some data will be sourced from existing databases, while others will be crowdsourced. For some data we may use a combination of both methods.